• Why Health Information Exchange is important.

Riverside Medical Clinic participates in Inland Empire Health Information Exchange
•The benefits of participating in the exchange are that it provides better patient care, because a provider has a full picture of key aspects of your condition
•Better quality and safety of care, when a provider does not have to guess about your medications, diagnoses, or allergies
•Critical time saved in the emergency room; and
•Less likelihood of unnecessary tests or duplication of tests


The Inland Empire Health Information Exchange (IEHIE) is a secure computer system for doctors, hospitals and other caregivers to share important health information to improve patient care. IEHIE combines information from separate health care organizations to create a single electronic patient health record, allowing caregivers to quickly access the information they need to make more informed decisions about your care, especially in an emergency.  Medical records are already shared through fax, email and mail. IEHIE makes it easier, faster and more secure.

For more information contact Inland Empire HIE at 3993 Jurupa Ave. Riverside, CA 92506  (951) 686.1326 or go to the web-site info@iehie.org