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Our pediatric offices are open during COVID-19 closures. Your child’s pediatrician is available for you to schedule your child’s next well-check visit and more. Click here to learn more

Why Vaccine Schedules Are Crucial


A lot of things are getting postponed this year, but your child’s vaccinations shouldn’t be one of them. Some people are avoiding the doctor’s office for everything but the essentials. Statistics show immunizations have declined about 40% in spring 2020. That’s not a good thing – here’s why. Pediatricians are concerned this delay could trigger […]

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Understanding Your Child’s Nutritional Needs At Every Age

Children's Nutrition Riverside Medical Clinic

Nutrition plays an important role in your child’s physical and mental development. Whether you have a toddler, a teen or an in-between, kids need specific nutrients at different ages to fuel their growth. From stabilizing their energy level, improving their ability to learn and even helping their mood, proper nutrition has many benefits. Also, the […]

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