The California Dept. of Public Health along with the Center for Disease Control require masks to be worn in ALL health care facilities. COVID is a respiratory virus; as such all staff, patients and visitors must adhere to this directive at all Riverside Medical Clinic locations. ANYONE who refuses to comply will be asked to leave the facility. Many patients treated at clinics such as RMC have health issues that put them at a higher risk. This mask policy is designed to protect all our patients.

Family Fitness Fun!

Exercise isn’t just good for your body – building movement into your routine benefits your mind too. Regular exercise improves memory and mood, and your child’s socioemotional development can benefit from the teamwork skills and stress reduction that physical activity offers. The added bonus to exercise? As a family activity, it’s a great way to […]

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March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

Too many health conditions can fly under the radar. We’ve all been there – an unexplained pain or sudden cough doesn’t feel like a big enough deal for a copay. If you menstruate, you may have an irregular cycle or skip periods from time to time without a follow-up at the gynecologist. Reproductive conditions like […]

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Start Strong and Stay Strong in 2022: Wellness Habits To Prioritize


“New year, new me” pressure mounts in December, but if you’re worrying about prioritizing wellness next year, you’re in luck – perfection isn’t necessary or effective. You’re more likely to stick to a new routine if you choose a goal you’re already motivated by and approach it with small, incremental changes in your behavior. Following […]

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Seasonal Fun For The Whole Family

Southern California may not be a winter wonderland, but long holiday breaks, and longer nights will certainly keep your family indoors this winter even if the weather doesn’t. Keep the focus off of screen time and beat the early sunset blues by brainstorming a list of family activities and spending your time cultivating more meaningful connections. Here are 20 suggestions to get you started! […]

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7 Tips for Hosting A Stress-Free Thanksgiving Feast


Hosting a large dinner is never easy, and hosting a Thanksgiving Feast can be an invitation for stress, whether we like to admit it or not! Here are 7 tips to keep you totally zen while you prepare for Thanksgiving dinner this year. 1. Let go of the idea of the “Perfect Thanksgiving” Any Thanksgiving […]

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Flu Season: Precautions for the Peak


With the relaxation of physical distancing measures that prevented the spread of COVID-19 last fall and winter, epidemiologists predict an especially heavy-hitting flu season through 2022. To prevent flu cases from popping up like Spirit Halloween stores in abandoned K-Marts, take the time to get vaccinated and learn how to minimize your chances of contracting […]

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Keep Your Brain Healthy and Sharp At Any Age—5 Tips


Memory lapses can happen to all of us, at any age. From forgetting the name of a peer mid-conversation, making two trips to the kitchen because you forgot why you were in there the first time around, or losing your train of thought on the phone, we’ve all experienced a slip in memory, slight or […]

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