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Michael T. Mai, MD

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Michael T. Mai, MD

Office Information:

Temescal Valley
21634 Retreat Parkway
Temescal Valley, CA 92883
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Call:   (951) 493-6930
Office Hours: 8:30a-5:30p, Mon-Fri

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Orthopedics and Ortho Surgery 


University of California, San Diego U.C.S.D. Medical Center; San Diego, California - 1988 Fellowship in Adult Reconstructive Surgery and Joint Replacement Orthopaedic Hospital Joint Replacement Institute of Southern California; Los Angeles, California - 1992

University of California, San Diego U.C.S.D. Medical Center; San Diego, California - 1991

University of California, San Diego U.C.S.D. Medical Center; San Diego, California - 1986

Stanford University School of Medicine; Stanford, California - 1985

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis/St.Paul College of Liberal Arts; Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1980

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