Ghaleb A. Saab, MD

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Ghaleb A. Saab, MD

Dr. Saab is a highly rated oncologist and hematologist who also specializes in internal medicine. He has extensive knowledge of the signs and symptoms of cancer, as well as various treatments, and years of experience helping patients achieve positive outcomes.

Office Information:

Brockton / Riverside
7117 Brockton Ave.
Riverside, CA 92506
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Call:   (951) 321-6350
Office Hours: 8:30a-5:30p, Mon-Fri

Languages Spoken:

English, Arabic, French


Hematology Center  Hematology


Ohio State University Hospital; Columbus, OH (Clinical Fellow, Hematology - Oncology, NIH Fellow) Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation; La Jolla, CA - 1978-79 (Clinical Fellow, Hematology - Oncology) Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, Division of Hematology - Oncology; La Jolla, CA - 1976-78 (Research Fellow) Johns Hopkins Hospital, Department of Internal Medicine, Hematology Division; Baltimore, MD - 1975-76 (Visiting Resident Physician)

American University Medical Center; Beirut, Lebanon - 1976-76 (Chief Resident, Internal Medicine) American University Medical Center; Beirut Lebanon - 1974-76 (Internal Medicine)

American University of Beirut; Beirut, Lebanon - 1973-74 (Straight Internship/Internal Medicine)

American University Medical School; Beirut, Lebanon - 1974

School of Arts and Sciences, American University; Beirut, Lebanon - 1970 (B.S.) International College, French Section; Beirut, Lebanon - 1967

American University Medical Center; Beirut, Lebanon - 1986-87 (Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, Hematology - Oncology) American University Medical Center; Beirut, Lebanon - 1980-86 (Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Hematology - Oncology)

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Professional Organizations:
New York Academy of Sciences; American Society of Hematology; American College of Physicians; American Society of Clinical Oncology

Awards: National Research Service Award, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Public Health Service, National Cancer Institute; Bethesda, MD - 1979 Physician of the Year Award, Pacific Physician Service's Network - 1993 Teacher of the Year Award, Western University; Pomona, CA - 1998

Boards & Associations

American Board of Internal Medicine since 1978 American Board of Hematology - 1980 American Board of Medical Oncology - 1989