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Heart Love

February 28, 2017

Early Detection & Diagnosis of Heart Disease

February has come to an end. We sent Valentines cards to the people we love, shared text messages that read, “iheartyou” and daydreamed about our most valued relationships that we hold in our heart. What about the human body and the anatomical heart? How do we know if this vital organ is healthy? Beating approximately 100,000 times a day, the human heart is a complex pump delivering blood through roughly 60,000 miles of blood vessels every single day. Ensuring that our hearts are healthy means taking a proactive approach at monitoring heart rhythm.

Seeking innovative solutions to monitor patient heart health is Riverside Medical Clinic cardiologist, Dr. Edward Kim. As a board certified medical professional, Dr. Kim has been utilizing the iRhythm Zio device to track patient heart health. The Zio has been proven to detect early arrhythmias in patients.

“Early detection is critical when assessing a patients’ probability for heart complications. The Zio device has the ability to detect a diagnosis as early as 48 hours after wear,” shares Dr. Kim.

“The device allows patients to be monitored for a prolonged period, in comparison to other methods available, in their everyday environment. My patients are able to go about their daily lives, while having their hearts monitored with minimal interruption to their routines.”

Patients from Riverside Medical Clinic must receive a prescription in order to utilize the iRhythm Zio. Following a medical diagnosis, patients are given the device to wear for up to a 14-day period. Patients can sleep, shower and complete moderate exercise while wearing the Zio. After the period has ended, the device is simply mailed to the clinical center and reviewed by the referring doctor.

Keeping a healthy heart is not just something to think about during the month of February, but year round. Heart disease is the top fatal health concern for both women and men. The American Heart Association states that over one in three women suffers from heart disease. This Valentine’s Day, love your heart and be sure to get a healthy heart check up. Your body will love you for it.

Edward Kim, M.D.

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