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How Not to Get Sick at Work

October 22, 2018

Cold and flu season is coming. And, at some point in your not­-too-­distant future, someone will show up at work sick. We can almost guarantee it: According to a 2013 survey conducted by Staples office supply store, 90 percent of office workers admitted to going to work when sick. 90 percent!

Did you know that when you cough and sneeze, droplets spray up to six feet? Those droplets settle on surfaces, causing the virus to spread. Cold viruses can survive on hard surfaces for a week. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you avoid the virus minefield at work. P.S. Germs also thrive at the gym, so these tips apply there as well.

Tips to Prevent Catching Germs

Wash your hands often – especially after touching shared objects such as copy machines, keyboards and cash registers.

Don’t bite your nails or touch your face.

Use a clean tissue or paper towel when touching door handles and everything in the break room – the microwave, refrigerator, sink and coffeemaker.

Carry your own pen instead of borrowing someone else’s.

Wipe down your desk, phone and keyboard periodically with an alcohol-­based solution or disinfectant to kill germs.

Get a flu shot.

How Doctors Stay Healthy

Doctors are surrounded by sick people. What are their secrets for surviving the season? They take extra steps, like these, to give their immune system a boost:

­ Get plenty of rest. Sleep deprivation increases your odds of getting sick.

­ Stay hydrated. Consider hydrating your environment, too, with a humidifier.

­ Take vitamin C and D supplements.

­ Get fresh air. One reason why we get sick is because we’re sharing “inside air.” A 10­-minute walk in the afternoon sun also gives you extra vitamin D.

­ Enjoy more green tea, fruits and veggies. All have antioxidants to help fight off infection.

­ Take probiotics. While studies are still ongoing, it is believed that up to 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Healthy bacteria can keep infections from being absorbed.

If you think you caught something, how do you know if you’re “sick enough” to stay home from work? If you have a fever, chills or sweats, it’s a good idea not to go in. Obviously, with the 90 percent statistic above, we know people feel pressured to tough it out. And some aren’t paid for time off. The best test may be to ask yourself how you would feel if a co-­worker showed up in your condition. Also consider how productive you’ll actually be and if you’ll be putting others’ safety at risk on your commute or at work.

Here’s to your health this year!

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