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Enrolling Research Trials

Riverside Medical Clinic’s Clinical Research Enrolling Trials are dedicated to our community with access to cutting-edge medical treatments. By working with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, we take part in the latest treatments being developed for the U.S. market.

We specialize in trials in the following areas:

AsthmaCOPDRheumatoid Arthritis
DiabetesCancerAllergic Rhinitis
Infectious DiseasesChronic PainSkin Disorders
Migraine Headaches& More…

Patient safety and welfare is our first priority. All Enrolling Research Trials conducted at our clinic are FDA monitored and overseen by an Institutional Review Board. Our dedicated team of physicians and staff work together to ensure patient safety and integrity of study data throughout the entire process.

Invention Studies

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic, autoimmune disease, characterized by mild to moderate pain and as the disease progresses it is then characterized by substantial disability and morbidity.

RA affects a very small portion of the worldwide population, primarily women, with a

peak incidence of onset between 40 and 60 years of age.

A substantial proportion of patients either fail to respond, or have inadequate response, to

currently available RA therapies.  Therefore, there is still a medical need for more effective treatments.

Just like RA, Asthma is also a chronic disease.  This disease affects the lungs and it is characterized by airway inflammation, bronchoconstriction and increased airway responsiveness.  The goal of asthma treatments are to achieve and maintain asthma under control and to avoid future exacerbations. 

We are currently enrolling for two intervention studies for persons who have been diagnosed with RA or Asthma.  You may have access to study medication that is only available to those who qualify. 

Observational Studies

The primary objective of observational studies is to describe patient characteristics, treatment plans, and health outcomes to medical scientists so that they can better understand certain illness and diseases.  This information is critical for the development of new medications for the benefit of all patients who suffer from Asthma, IBD diseases, such as Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. 

We currently are enrolling for two observational studies for people who are diagnosed and receiving treatment for either IBD or Asthma.  For these studies you will be asked to complete questionnaires describing your symptoms.  No intervention will be done to your current treatment plan.

Device Studies

The test device is designed to be accurate enough that sending the sample out to be cultured will become unnecessary. Patients will be treated with the accurate medications based on the results that will be available to your provider in a matter of minutes instead of waiting for the cultured results to come back, which take approximately 4 to 5 days.

We are currently enrolling for two device studies which are Strep throat and Flu. 


This is a research study and your participation in this study is voluntary. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the ability of various experimental drugs to improve health outcomes for people with COVID-19. We also want to see if these study drugs are safe, and if these study drugs can stop the disease process and prevent hospitalization. This study is designed to quickly identify safe and effective drugs that may treat COVID-19.


Quidel (the sponsor of the study) is developing a new test for assiting in the diagnosis of COVID-19 infections. Since this test is still being developed, it is considered investigational and has not been approved by any government regulatory authorities like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

The pirposed of this tudy is to cllect and test specimens from subjects who have symptoms of COIVD-19 and whose treating doctor suspects they have COVID-19. Your donated nasal specimens will be used to develop a new test for this respiratory virus.

Your donated specimens may be frozen and stored for future use for the development of the new diagnostic test. Your specimens will not have your name attached to them and cannot be used to identify you. Your biospecimen collected during this study may be used for research and development of products for commercial profit (after identifiers are removed) and you will not share in this profit.

Clinical studies is another way to give our RMC patients and their loved ones other treatment options when nothing else seems to be working.  All of our studies are FDA approved. Participation is voluntary and at no cost to you. No out of pocket expenses, your insurance will not be billed and you may be compensated for your participation. 

Please contact the Clinical Research Department for Enrolling Research Trials to see if you qualify at (951) 321-6473

Be a part of the solution and begin your new treatment option with the medicine of tomorrow!