Ear Nose and Throat Medical Services are available at the following Riverside Medical Clinic locations:

Brockton / Riverside
7117 Brockton Ave.

Temescal Valley
21634 Retreat Parkway


Ear Nose and Throat

Riverside Medical Clinic’s highly trained ear nose and throat (ENT) specialists have the expertise and resources to successfully diagnose and treat any of your ear nose and throat concerns. The actual name of this medical specialty is otolaryngology. It differs from other physicians in that they are trained in both medicine and surgery.

Their range spans the following:

  • Conditions of the ear – This could be anything from ear infections, swimmer’s ear, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), ear pain, hearing loss, dizziness and vertigo (caused by those nerve pathways that affect balance) and congenital ear disorders. Because audiology  can be a key factor in an accurate diagnosis, the physician may request that you see our audiologist too. They’re located in the same office for convenience. This way, everyone has immediate access to the data needed to complete the exam.
  • Conditions of the nose – Any problem that affects your breathing, physical appearance, or sense of smell, our ENT specialist can treat. This includes sinus and allergy problems, sinusitis, deviated septum, asthma, nosebleeds and nasal congestion.
  • Conditions of the throat – ENT specialists can manage and treat conditions that affect your singing, eating, swallowing and digestion. This includes anything from hoarseness or sore throat to tonsil or adenoid infection to reflux, snoring and sleep disorders.
  • Conditions of the head and the neck – Otolaryngologists are able to treat infections, facial trauma, tumors and deformities of the face and neck. This includes reconstructive surgery for cleft palates, plastic surgery, broken noses, lymph nodes, thyroid gland and more.

Care for Every Age

We welcome children and adults of all ages. Our ENT physicians treat patients as young as six months with comprehensive exams of the ear, nose and throat. Special care is given to our youngest patients who may not be able to tell us what’s wrong.

Meet our ear nose and throat Providers

In addition to graduating from medical school, our board-certified ENT specialists each completed at least five years of specialty training and pass a certification exam from the American Board of Otolaryngology.

James Sun, MD
James Sun, MD
Ear Nose and Throat
Brian P. Boynton, MD
Brian P. Boynton, MD
Ear Nose and Throat
Riverside Medical Clinic