Family Practice

Family Practice

Riverside Medical Clinic strives to provide patients with world-class health care and make it convenient to see your doctor. We also believe you deserve great options for your family. That’s why we have top-quality family practice doctors available at locations close to your home and workplace.

What is the difference between family practice and internal medicine?

Primary care physicians are usually either family practice or internal medicine doctors. But what does that mean to the type of care you will receive? In the same way that a pediatrician cares for children, an internal medicine physician cares for adults. A family practice physician, or family practitioner, is a pediatrician and an internal medicine doctor combined into one.  So, a family practitioner can see patients of all ages.

Why choose a family practice doctor?

Some people prefer the idea of one doctor who can treat their entire family’s illnesses for continuity of care. Family practitioners can treat patients as young as infants through adulthood. Knowing an entire family can also make it easier to capture patient history. Female patients can even go to their family practice physician instead of a gynecologist for routine pap smears. But you also don’t have to have a family to see a family practitioner. While it’s true that some family medicine doctors can also have specialties, their focus is primarily on outpatient care of patients of all ages.

Why choose internal medicine?

Doctors who practice internal medicine are called internists. Internal medicine grew out of the idea of devoting the same kind of specialized care that pediatricians provide, but for adults. Internists complete a three-year residency after medical school that encompasses both outpatient care in a clinic and time in a hospital where they often do rotations and receive sub-specialty training in areas such as cardiology, endocrinology and gastroenterology. So they’re trained to care for patients with chronic and acute illnesses. Internal medicine doctors at Riverside Medical Clinic specialize in the supervision of patients 18 years of age and older. They not only treat illnesses but provide routine physicals and well patient care, too.

Who will you choose?

As you can see, there are advantages to choosing both types of doctors. That’s why Riverside Medical Clinic has both. Still can’t decide which one to see? It will be the physician you feel most comfortable with. Visit our offices. Talk to the doctors and staff. Regardless of whether you choose a family practitioner or an internist, you’ll find the doctor that’s right for you at Riverside Medical Clinic.

Riverside Medical Clinic’s family practice doctors are available at all clinic locations.

To find out more about choosing your doctor, or to schedule an appointment, please call (951) 782-3602.


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