Riverside Medical Clinic opened our Pulmonary department in 1988 with Dr. Kam Y. Lau. Dr. Lau is an Internal Medicine physician specializing in pulmonary diseases. Dr. Lau has been board certified since 1986 as a pulmonary specialist. Dr. Lau is certified in several different fields of medicine, from pediatrics to critical care. Dr. Andrew Duke specializes in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and is board certified in Critical Care Medicine and Internal Medicine, as well as Pulmonary.

A pulmonary specialist obtains data about your lungs and their functioning by conducting a series of tests called pulmonary function testing. By conducting these tests, your specialist can determine the quantity of oxygen you receive with each breath and how well the air moves in and out of your lungs.

One of the tests that a pulmonologist conducts when necessary is a spirometry test. This measures how forcefully you are able to inhale and exhale. Because a test result can read abnormally if you do not try hard enough, patients are encouraged to give their best effort to ensure accuracy.

Patients find it comforting that when doing pulmonary testing they do not have to wear special clothing.


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