Surgery Center

Sine 1935, Riverside Medical Clinic has always strived to offer the most advanced health care whether it is through our physicians, supporting staff, equipment or facilities. For years we have offered our patients the convenience of our Surgery Center for many procedures that don’t require a stay in a hospital. This provides patients a safe, relaxed environment for their surgeries that accelerates the whole process and frequently reduces costs.

Surgery Center

From all of our staff at the Riverside Medical Clinic Surgery Center, welcome! We’re glad you and your surgeon have decided that your surgery will take place here. Thanks to advances in technology, most procedures today are done on an outpatient basis. Since we specialize in one-day surgery, we can provide quality care at a lower cost than a hospital.


You will know the exact fee for your procedure before you arrive. It will include the operating room equipment, anesthesia, all necessary medications, nursing and surgeon care. We accept most major medical insurance plans. Your insurance will be verified prior to surgery and you will be asked to pay any co-insurance, deductible or co-pay at this time. Private cash payments are also required to pay in full prior to surgery. We also accept CareCredit, Patient Care Financing, Arrowhead Credit Union and Reliance Financing for certain procedures, such as cosmetic surgery.

Preparing for Surgery

A day or two before your procedure, your surgeon’s office will call you with special directions and tell you the time you should arrive. You will also be given the opportunity to talk to a registered nurse beforehand to ask any questions and confirm your pre-op instructions. Be sure to let them know if your physical condition changes in any way, like if you come down with a respiratory infection, cough, runny nose or fever. This may require postponement of your surgery.

Surgery FAQs

What should I eat before surgery?

Have a light dinner the evening before your surgery. Then do NOT eat or drink anything after midnight – no water, coffee, candy or chewing gum either. If your surgery isn’t scheduled until 1 p.m. the following day, you may have 1 glass of clear liquid before 7 a.m. Clear liquid is water, ginger ale, club soda, 7-Up or apple juice only. Children under age 3 may have 4 ounces of clear liquid 4 hours before surgery.

Why can’t I eat?

If you eat or drink anything too close to the time of your surgery, we may need to postpone it. Your stomach must be empty to prevent vomiting. If you vomit during surgery, it could go into your lungs.

Can I brush my teeth before surgery?

Yes, you can but please do not swallow anything.

Should I take my medication the day of surgery?

Please follow your physician’s advice regarding any prescription or over-the-counter medications that you take.

What can I do to make the day of surgery go smoothly?

Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes and flat shoes. Remember, these will likely be the clothes you wear home after surgery too. Arrange for childcare, if needed. Bring your insurance card and I.D. with you. Leave all of your valuables and jewelry at home.

I wear glasses/contacts. Should I bring them?

Yes, if you’ll want them pre- and post-surgery. However, they cannot be worn during surgery so be sure to bring a case and solution to protect them.

Will I be able to drive myself?

You will need a driver to take you home and someone to help care for you at least for the first day. No patient will be permitted to leave alone after any procedure and you will be restricted from driving for a while (the amount of time will be determined by your doctor). This is because patients often experience drowsiness, fatigue and possibly nausea as after-effects.

Will I have pain?

Yes, you may have some pain, fatigue and discomfort after surgery, depending on the type of procedure that was performed. You will receive medication to help you manage pain at home. Plus our nurse or the physician will also follow up with you to make sure you’re okay.

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