Optical Center Medical Services are available at the following Riverside Medical Clinic locations:


Optical Center

At Riverside Medical Clinic, we have eyewear specialists for prescribing pediatric, sunglasses, sports glasses, bifocal and multifocal lens, and more. With optical centers located in our Brockton/Riverside and Moreno Valley (Canyon Springs) offices, our patients can receive an eye exam and be conveniently fitted for eyewear all in one place.

Our doctors of optometry provide…

  • Exams to ensure the overall eye health of every family member, including testing for glaucoma
  • Eyeglass and contact lens exams, custom fittings and evaluation. We fit patients with astigmatism, farsighted vision, nearsightedness and bifocal prescriptions.

We carry the latest styles of glasses and sunglasses with a variety of new lens technologies:

Progressive lenses – No-line multifocal create a sense of clarity at all viewing distances

Bifocal lenses – See up close and far with the same pair of glasses.

Anti-reflective lenses – Help to eliminate glare. Great for nighttime driving to eliminate headlight glare.

Polarized lenses – Eliminate reflections from the water or snow for better depth perception. Excellent for many sports including boating and skiing.

Transition lenses – Automatically adjust to sunlight, becoming darker outside and lighter to adjust for indoors.

UV filter – Helps to protect the retina from the harmful effects of UV light.

Polycarbonate lenses – Thinner, lighter and impact resistant. Mandated for children under 14 for safety.

Our optical centers are stocked with a great selection of frames to fit your budget, as well as your lifestyle. We can also help if your glasses are in need of repair.

Plus, we carry all of your contact lens brands, including daily, disposable and more.

We accept vision plans

We can bill your insurance plan directly to help you.