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Staying Healthy Through the Holidays


Thanks, 2020. This will be a holiday season unlike any other, topping off a year like no other. With days getting shorter, family plans changing and a persistent pandemic, you may be getting overwhelmed. Be assured that it’s normal to feel increased stress from all this. You just need a plan to power your way out of this year and into a better 2021! While the holidays may not look like what you thought, Riverside Medical Clinic has compiled some tips to help you have a happy and healthy holiday season. 

1. Keep those good hygiene safety practices going.

Wash your hands and remember to wash your cloth masks regularly. You don’t need anything fancy – just soap and water – to clean. 

2. Make a promise to yourself to stay active – even if you feel like hiding under a blanket.

Working out will help you manage the stress you’re feeling. This is true for kids as well. Find an exercise buddy – it could be a virtual one in an online group – to hold you accountable.

3. Start taking short walks during lunch.

In winter, there are less daylight hours so shift your routine earlier in the day. Break up your workday and squeeze in an activity break at lunch. 

4. Water is your friend.

Researchers are finding more and more benefits to drinking water. Your brain is even influenced by your hydration level. Mild dehydration can impair mood and memory. Try to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. It’s also easy to confuse hunger with thirst. So, go for a large glass of water before eating.

5. Are you fighting off a craving to snack?

Here’s a pro tip: try eating 15 grams of protein and drinking 15 ounces of water. Then wait 15 minutes. If you still want a snack, go for it. Odds are you’re likely to eat much less.

6. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

Regular sleep improves your concentration and mental clarity, regulates your mood, relieves stress and restores your body. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day – even if you’re on vacation/staycation. 

7. Enjoy eating.

Seriously, guilt is no fun. Really savor these special holiday dishes that you only have once or twice a year. Skip filling appetizers to save your calories for what you really want. Eat slowly but remember to stop when you no longer feel hungry. It’s OK to portion yourself. After all, leftovers mean you get to spread out the goodness over a longer time.

8. Sip smarter.

You’d be surprised how many calories you’re drinking. Ween yourself off sugary drinks, including energy drinks and those barista coffee creations. Treat alcohol and holiday favorites such as egg nog and hot chocolate like they’re desserts (because they are). Or, use seltzer, club soda and sparkling water to lighten up your adult beverages or make juices extra fancy.

9. Give yourself the gift of peace this season.

Enjoy a nice, relaxing bath, take time to read, sneak in a nap, try yoga or spend some time in nature – whatever helps you recharge.

10. Boost your immune system.

Get plenty of vitamin D by spending 15 minutes outside. Follow a nutrient-rich diet with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This will help your body naturally resist infectious diseases.

11. Feast on good company – even if you aren’t visiting relatives this season, you can still make people the focus.

Make regular phone calls or video calls to friends and family. Laugh a little! Maybe even schedule a virtual lunch date. After all, a big part of holiday meals is the conversation that happens between bites. It will help them as much as it will help you stay connected.

12. Don’t skip your doctor visits.

Screenings are important to catch potential health problems early when it’s easy to treat. Also, make sure your family is up to date on vaccinations. To those feeling a bit apprehensive, Riverside Medical Clinic is equipped to handle your appointment in a safe manner both by video and in person. P.S. Check to see if you have money in a health savings account that you need to use up by the end of the year.

Let’s make every day count. If you need more ideas or would like to make an appointment, call us at 951-683-6370!

From all of us at Riverside Medical Clinic, we wish you happy, healthy holidays!