Announcement for All Riverside Medical Clinic Patients – Video Visits --

Riverside Medical Clinic Introduces Video Visits*

To help curtail the spread of the COVID19 Coronavirus, and to ensure our patients can continue to receive the health care they need, we now offer Video Visits for our Patients.

How Does It Work?

  • Patients who currently have an appointment may be contacted. If you agree to a Video Visit, a link to Video Visit will be sent to you. Just follow the instructions.
  • For future appointments, when the appointment is made, depending on purpose of visit, you may be offered a Video Visit. If you accept, our staff will guide you on the process.
  • These are options. If you prefer, you may still visit our clinics and see your provider.

What You Need

  • Email access
  • Good internet access
  • Computer with camera, speaker and a microphone
    • or
  • Smart phone with camera/video and a microphone

What If You Are Not A Riverside Medical Clinic Patient?

We have been providing superior health care to our community for over 85 years. We would like to care for you. Just reach out by contacting our patient relations team at 951-782-3602

*Not all providers are participating

Riverside Medical Clinic is concerned about the health of our patients and community and as such we are open for regular business hours and providing medical care.


Make Your Impact

While we’re competitive with compensation and benefits, the resounding reason our employees stay for decades is based on how they’re treated, and how we endorse their desire to be family close. Our physicians, who own Riverside Medical Clinic, understand the need for balance in everyone’s lives. That’s why, we offer a workplace environment that’s family-like with physicians and coworkers respecting each other and working together as a team. Many of our positions offer weekday hours. And our Urgent Care and lab services offer evening and weekend hours for those who prefer that option.

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